Standing for Thought

This work has been written to help create a picture of our politics in hope that we can understand ourselves better and create a better world.  It is my belief getting ourselves to try, to put in brainwork, accept vulnerability and accountability, over the convenient, rebellious, and prideful response is key to creating a great society.  This occurs in families, at school, in work, and it occurs at the top of our politics as well.  We have to protect that process.  Relationship improvement among humans is often from trying to bring the subconscious into the conscious, which takes work. Our politics isn’t so different and this writing follows that path.

It can be very hard to go from issue to issue and advocate hope or necessary change and prove it in something unknown like foreign policy, taxes, changes to healthcare, goodwill spending to those in need, or climate action.  It is often easier to talk about motivation like compassion, goodwill, brainwork, a value system or soul, and the converse….pride, insecurity, convenience, and fear.  Even if your heart is on a specific cause, you may have to talk though human emotion and motives to generate a proper argument.

This work isn’t so much going to focus on current events or people but will focus on general political philosophy and patterns, economic and budgeting patterns in the United States, and some discussion of political topics relevant to today.

As imperfect as the human mind and our politics is, our political discussions drive the soul of the country and humanity.  Our ability to make arguments, paint pictures, and stand up to those that will forsake our values drives who we are. 

Being disagreeable and taking on spite is a needed and natural part of that process.  You can live a safe life being agreeable and conforming your beliefs to wherever inertia goes in your group, but at what cost?

I can’t say I live a life worthy of the ideals laid out here but as imperfect people we have to strive for the best version of ourselves when it comes to our government and what we aspire to be as a collective group. 

My intent is to blog biweekly to start and then weekly until the ideas I’ve prepared have run their course.

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