We Aspire to be a Good People

There is one fundamental truth about politics of which without there would be no point in fighting the good fight.

We are happiest in a society that cares, that is selfless, works together to solve problems, that stands for principles, and where the collective comes before the individual.

We honor those that put their own lives at risk for the greater good and our favorite stories are individuals overcoming adversity for a cause greater than themselves.

When we see others work hard for something, we root for them to achieve it, and we relish sharing in the joy of others.  Our holidays celebrate joy, sharing, and standing for what is right.

Working toward a purpose can be incredibly rewarding… to build something, take care of someone, do something good for the environment.  Companies often sell potential employees that their mission has meaning to it and their work will be rewarding.  Having soulful entities in our life is very important like a mother or father or teacher that shows love and encourages us to be a good person, a church, or school/graduation.

In our favorite movies the protagonist is generally trying to do the right thing, perhaps for something bigger than themselves in the face of some fear that requires some great effort.

When we accept that we aspire to be a good people, we begin to understand that moving mountains can just be a matter of messaging and energy.

It is vital to remind ourselves that we and those around us aspire to be a good and just people, for in that environment our aspirations and standards are at their highest.

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