Insecurity – The Driver of Spite and Anger, Acceptance – The Driver of Joy (Framed Within Politics)

Think of times you get angry.  What is your mental state? How do you react and why?

Insecurity is a driver of anger.  Has someone disapproved of your behavior? Do you feel inferior or jealous of another’s success? Do you need to keep up with the Jones’ with your house or toys? Have you ever put a lot of work into something and it been for naught or disapproved of? Work and hope later denied can drive one mad.

How about if you have a weight problem? How do gyms and beech body fitness make you feel? Or someone confronting you on alcohol or drug abuse? How about someone that is good at something, knows it, but is boastful and arrogant about it?  We are much more attracted to self deprecating behavior.

In an argument what is really happening? Somebody has put you down and now you need to think of the meanest thing possible to put them down.  To protect your pride through reciprocating spite.

How about if you are worried of a vulnerability of yours.  You did something wrong.  You have a handicap, a weakness but are accepted nonetheless.  It will give you some joy.

What if you put a lot of work into something?  Some real creative thinking and/or work that you aren’t copying anyone else and put something out there and it is approved of…. now you have joy squared.  If you learn to accept who you are and not worry about comparisons you will live a happier life.

How about in politics?  Our two-party system is largely a continuing argument driven by insecurity over change and resources to address causes. If someone tells you tax dollars are wasted, how do you feel? Do you instantly believe them?   What if a politician tells you a behavior needs changed, more tax dollars needed, we need to be diplomatic to a perceived enemy, we need to give resources to help another outside our borders? Insecurity all over the place.

What if in the same way we accept ourselves we accept our government? We give hope to those in need and the goodwill spending the government performs. We understand that the more mentally engaged and proactive our politicians are the more efficient things will run.  We accept that humans are flawed including those in our government and when things go wrong, we fix them and move forward as opposed to find the most convenient scapegoat…. now we find harmony.

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Shutterstock – MDMAMUNMIAH20 (left), TaLaNoVa (right)

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