How We Are Divided

We have to come to grips with what the world is.  The world is not divided over differing philosophies or different views. The only way to properly frame and simplify our political reality is through the human conscience.

The Right Thing

  • Values/Brainwork before Pride/Convenience/Fear
  • Defined by caring
  • Sustainability
  • Pull each other up
  • Economy for all
  • Protect the vulnerable
  • World Perspective
  • No enemies, Mend Fences
  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Share in Joy
  • Forgive
  • Stand up to International Aggression
  • Courage

Political Temptation

  • Prisoners of Pride/Convenience/Fear
  • Unquestioned loyalty to chief pride seller/protector
  • Defined by enemies
  • Fear of Foreign
  • Fear of Change
  • Defiance to Moral Authority
  • Do Gooder Hate
  • Avoid Vulnerability
  • Avoid Problems
  • Kiss up, kick down
  • Cynicism
  • Under-taxing
  • Joy/utopia is undesirable (requires vulnerability and brainwork), focus on us > them
  • Exploit weaker groups
  • Against standing up to other aggressor groups

It may not feel good to have an authority tell you to behave and contribute, and it may be tempting to go with those that offer easy answers, convince you of your native importance, and protection from the unfamiliar, but this is a dark road.

If we can convince the world to be value driven, we will be able to live in peace, to make sure the basic needs of all are met and avoid desperation/violence.  If we do not have the strength and courage to stand up for these values then those attracted by easy answers will steer us toward unsustainable futures, asset bubbles, cold wars, ignoring problems that shouldn’t be ignored, and dehumanizing those who shouldn’t be dehumanized.

Our subconscious, our gut, our intuition is really a bunch of shortcuts we have developed over our evolution to circumvent hard brainwork.  Many of these shortcuts serve pride, convenience and fear.  Some serve compassion, pattern following and logic.  Just because you feel good or bad about something doesn’t mean you have to obey that feeling. Sometimes we have to use our brains to overwrite that emotion. In our politics we have to do the hard brainwork.  If you wish to persuade others or create art look to understand the subconscious.

It is better to refer to our political system as empowering values or temptation as opposed to trying to create any us vs them.  It isn’t so much one group vs another group but a fight going on in everyone’s mind.  It can be more persuasive to create a picture of the world and a picture of possible futures than to tell others to behave themselves.

3rd parties are ever trying to enter into the two-party system but that is a bastardized situation.  You want this temptation over here but morality over here.  When you empower temptation, you empower all the temptations in a two party system. 

Not the Enemy

  • Different Nations
  • Different Races
  • Different Religions
  • Different Lifestyles

Also Not the Enemy

  • Cares about the Environment
  • Cares about other Countries
  • Cares about the Vulnerable
  • Cares about Pay Fors (Taxes)
  • Your mom telling you to clean your room

Stand up to

  • Those abusing you or others to their own benefit

While some may think the solution to our partisan divide is to get together and hash it out, this belies the fundamental nature of what is.  Tribalism combined with temptation will seldom subject itself to the vulnerability needed in a compromise.  Many in that mindset would rather spite goodwill and the entire group than compromise.

In order to bring down partisanship we have to be assertive with the aggressor and our values.  That requires being disagreeable at times, making others feel insecure because you have to, and taking on the resulting spite. Silencing those standing for what is right will not end conflict.  When it is apparent society wishes for “the right thing” partisanship will fall.

How to end arguments / partisanship

  • Tell the 2 parties to stop and work it out
  • Think about why the confrontation occurred
  • Be assertive with the aggressor and your values

The principle argument of this work is

  1. Our politics is split along the human sense of right and wrong
  2. The right thing is desirable

It may be more attractive to align with those seeking pride for you, or sit in the middle and have both sides cater to you, but the right thing to do is align with the people trying to do the right thing and ask yourself how you can help.

Image Reference

Shutterstock – Nerthuz

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