Forcing the Government’s Hand – Gold Standard, Cryptocurrency, Tax Pledges, Balance Budget Amendments

The gold standard, don’t tax pledges, balance budget amendment propositions and even the recent cryptocurrency craze are all forms of trying to force the government’s hand in budgeting.  They are afraid of the control the government has with printing money, they understand the unsustainable nature of the debt they created, and they want to control it without standing up for any pay fors.

1. Bind the Government’s Hands

2. Hide

3. ?

The reality is the government’s ability to control its money has been very important in history to help in recessions, wars, infrastructure initiatives etc.  In the case of any fear society faces you want the government to have the levers needed to combat the situation.  What would happen if the government literally could not spend what it needed to?  The government isn’t going to throw up its hands and stop payments to seniors or cease military operations or going to find tons of money from already underfunded agencies.  Probably taxes are going up and instability of the economy in general is going up and fear is going up. The government’s ability to control its money is a benefit to those seeking to have high personal assets.

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