Competition and Healthcare – Is Capitalism the Right Mechanism?

The government is the right institution to pay for and hold the healthcare industry accountable (single payer).  Competition is useful in many areas but not in who should collect and pay for health coverage which we all need.  A single payer system is the most streamlined and will provide the greatest simplicity and uniformity.

In any specialized or emergency healthcare sector the effectiveness of competition breaks down.  You are at the mercy of the provider when you get the bill.  It is absolutely necessary that the government educates itself and oversees those that provide these services.

Capitalism is not great with dealing with the elderly, the sick, the poor, preexisting conditions etc.  That’s one reason why the role of the state is important in our society.  Setting up a caste system around medical services is not who we are and goes against an industry built around compassion and helping others. 

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