This blog is formed around the belief that mental engagement, collective thinking, goodwill, and compassion are key to a desirable society. It aims to frame and define our partisan reality around motives so that we can see ourselves better and work to form a better society (things like goodwill, compassion, joy, pride, convenience, fear). Political questions by definition are not clear and logic and “doing the right thing” are often not enough to overcome an excuse for the convenient answer in public discourse.

I have a great respect for anyone that stands for doing the right thing in our politics even if it makes us feel uncomfortable, whether that is taxes, diplomacy, climate, inequality, or virus containment. Partisanship begins with anger created in insecurity, around the hard right answer on important issues.

This blog isn’t so much going to focus on current events or people but will focus on general political philosophy and patterns, economic and budgeting patterns in the United States, and some discussion of political topics relevant to today.

My profession is landfill engineering (though currently on indefinite hiatus). I am a lifelong democrat, and I felt compelled to do some writing on politics in our current environment. The culture we create in our political discussions permeates through all levels of government.